Welcome to I like to be naked dot com!!!

This is iliketobenaked.com.This isn't a porn site..it's not a nudist site..it's just where you can come vent or confess. Or just to say whatever. Do what you want ya know? Be naked. Uncovered.

I'll start off. I'm Spencer Love, (you can stay anonymous if you want), I'm 16 years old. I was born August 1st, 1994. I love to talk to people. Love it. I also love music, and girls, and grammar, and stuff. Umm..Confessions. I'm a bit of a manwhore. I'm a flirt. I love girls haha. I've cheated before. Oh well. Shit happens yano? I'm not perfect. I'm not gonna do it again. I'm just putting it out there. I'm also a jealous type person. I want to be prettier. Who doesn't though right? I'm also deeply in love with a girl..however it's not the one I'm dating. Oops..:p. Oh well. I'll just get fucked up over it later.

But yeahh..Comment and such:] Help me get this going!